Committee on Foreign Relations

In the implementation of foreign policy, the Foreign Affairs Committee relies on an unchanging value system that reflects the vision of the Association of Managers for Foreign Cooperation. These values ​​are the highest standards that the Association must uphold and strengthen in the conduct of its missions abroad. Relying on the values ​​mentioned in our daily activities while achieving our priorities and goals ensures a high quality of work performance.

In formulating and implementing foreign policy, the Committee adheres to the standards of professionalism and performs its work impartially independently of personal views.

The Foreign Relations Committee carries out the formation of foreign facilitating conditions to ensure the development of various directions of the Association; Ensures the conduct of international relations for the implementation of a unified foreign relations course through the coordinated action of the members of the Executive Board; Purposefully works with foreign associations to promote consistent and full integration processes with them; Also determines the expediency of concluding international treaties and agreements taking into account the proposals of the relevant international associations, ensures the protection of the rights and interests of the Association abroad; As well as within the scope of its competence conducts negotiations on behalf of the Association with associations of foreign managers.