Management Audit

Management audit involves the systematic review of decisions made and actions taken by managers at different levels of the company. It includes an analysis of the company’s organizational system, policies, structure, goals, and procedures to determine how effective the management of the company is. Management audit focuses on the effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance of the control mechanisms implemented by the company’s management.

Simply put, a management audit seeks to answer the question of how well a company is managed.

In the Georgian reality, there are often cases when the founders or top managers want to see in more detail the challenges, opportunities or problems faced by the company, but they do not have the time and experience to do so, because when you are involved in the same routine, it becomes difficult to figure out details. . Also, there are cases when the management in the background of the problems in the company finds it difficult to see certain opportunities, which is why the managers of the companies turn to the management management audit service of the company.

Eventually mismanagement leads to a loss of revenue by the company or a total closure.

In the case of 90% of companies, it is always possible to take it to a higher level and develop more. However, the specifics of the work are individual for each company and are formed on the basis of numerous internal studies and analyzes.

If you want to take full advantage of your company’s capabilities, the implementation and use of which will increase the company’s profits.

Our Offer

A preliminary agreement is reached between our experts and the company management on what rings, what nuances need to be inspected, after which we start the audit. We experts will analyze all the problems and opportunities that your company has. They will also meet with your employees and get various interesting information from them through specially prepared questions, find out about the state of the company and the existing opportunities.

Our experts will conduct an audit of the company’s management and give the management a picture that fully reflects the situation in the company, as well as give relevant recommendations to improve the situation.


Management audit gives the company leadership a complete picture of the ongoing processes in the company.


Management audit helps the company’s management to manage the organization more effectively and achieve the set goals.


Management audit helps the company’s management to achieve the set goals.


Management audits allow company management to significantly reduce costs.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the strength of the Managers Association?

The strength of the association is the team – with knowledge, experience, international and local organizational support.
Also a strong point is each member of the organization with their competence and represented organizations.

Who can become a member of the association?

An associate member of the association can be an acting manager of any field and level, students of management, as well as any person interested in management. And a full member (individual or corporate), only the company or current manager.

How can you become a member of the association?

To become an associate member of the association, you need to go to the menu – Associate membership and fill out a special form. You can also add a special Facebook group “Club of Directors and Managers”.

What is the difference between an associate and an actual member?

An associate member can become any, and to get full membership (individual and corporate) a manager or company needs to meet certain requirements. And for real membership (individual or corporate) you need to sign a contract.