Manager Certification Program

The program is designed to raise the qualification and certification of managers employed in private business or public sector of Georgia. It is based on the recommendations and guidelines of the NNLE Managers Association and the Ministry of Education.

Certification under the program means confirmation that a manager employed in a private business or public sector member of the A (A) IP Managers’ Association has the necessary qualifications to run an enterprise at a specified time. Competence is determined by the knowledge, experience and professional dignity of the manager.

The validity of the certificate is indefinite provided that the certified manager periodically undergoes annual qualification upgrading training to keep abreast of the latest news.

About the certification program

Training of competitive specialists. The task of the program is to train specialists who will have deep and systematic knowledge in the fields of business management.

In addition to theoretical courses, the management program includes interactive seminars and training, presentations and group work, which will make it easier for the manager to analyze theoretical problems in the field of business management, as well as to identify and manage them in real business situations. The training process takes into account the aspirations and desires of managers, international trends in business and industry development and the specifics of our country.

The aim of the program is to bring the participants as close as possible to the practice, both through internships in public and private sector organizations, as well as using various forms of active cooperation with professional circles. To this end, the program provides, among other measures, relations with representatives of the business sector, with whom the Association of Managers has signed memoranda of understanding.

The target segment of the program is a bachelor’s degree in any specialty or equivalent that has the motivation to master or develop a management specialty and to study in depth the political, sociological or economic aspects that the company has to consider in operating modern organizations.

Prerequisites for admission to the certificate course

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent academic degree; The right to study at a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Georgia or abroad; Or V level qualification of vocational education; For the purposes of professional certification, a person must pass an examination in a program specified in the Professional Certification Standard in order to be eligible for the examination.

Applicants for the program must apply or register online with the A (A) IP Managers Association. A registered person is called a candidate before obtaining the status of a certified manager.

The aim of the program is to provide result-oriented, state-of-the-art, technology-based, professional skills competencies required by the NNLE Managers Association Education Standard for the Certified Manager status seeker.

Full detailed description of the program:

Topics to be discussed:

• Manager functions;

• Personal characteristics of the manager;

• Global Management / International Organizations;

• Stages of decision making;

• Strategic planning;

• Establishment of organizational structure;


• What kind of people become good leaders?

• What do good leaders do?

• How does the situation affect good leaders?

• What are the sources of power?

• Who are the fifth generation leaders?

• Test and review the results

Emotions and Motivation

• Emotions and personality Relationship styles and types of people. The importance of the difference between emotions and moods. Emotional intelligence. Psychotypes and approaches to a particular psychotype. Influence of emotions and moods on the case / results.

• Perceptions and decisions Perception traps. Factors affecting perception. Significant strategic management challenges and essential questions when making decisions. Irrational solutions. Interaction of rational and irrational systems.

• Motivation Principles for Employee Motivation. Motivation Theories – Which Fits Our Goals? Management goals and its practical application. Motivation Challenges. New approaches.

The essence and purpose of management

What value do managers create? Effective management “at home and outside” comfort zone

Special Programes

• Human Resource Management / HR Management;

• Public Relations / PR Management;

• Project management;

• Presentation skills;

Curriculum Outcomes:


Certificate of Manager confirms the high qualification and professionalism of its owner in the field of management

The regulatory rule of the training course

The training program is accredited by the Quality Management Center of the Ministry of Education.


The field of employment of certified managers is large and medium-sized companies, private, public and non-governmental sector enterprises and organizations.


The Certificate of Managers of the Georgian Academy of Managers is the most prestigious diploma in the whole country.