Management Certified Auditors Program

The program is designed to raise the qualification and certification of private business management in Georgia. To develop a model of organizational behavior for managers to control quality and rights. It is based on the recommendations and guidelines developed by the NNLE Managers Association.

Certified auditor under the program means knowledge of the management qualification testing and implementation system in organizations. Appropriate skills to properly define the competencies of the company management, to determine the organizational structure, the effectiveness and productivity of their management approaches.

Competence is determined by the knowledge, qualifications, experience and professional dignity of a certified auditor.

The validity of the certificate is indefinite provided that the certified manager periodically undergoes annual qualification upgrading training to keep abreast of the latest news. The certification program and control methods are as consistent as possible and are adapted to the Georgian labor market environment.

Full detailed description of the program:

Topics to be discussed:

• Manager functions;

• Personal characteristics of the manager;

• Global Management / International Organizations;

• Stages of decision making;

• Strategic planning;

• Establishment of organizational structure;

Emotions and Motivation

• Emotions and personality Relationship styles and types of people. The importance of the difference between emotions and moods. Emotional intelligence. Psychotypes and approaches to a particular psychotype. Influence of emotions and moods on the case / results.

• Perceptions and decisions Perception traps. Factors affecting perception. Significant strategic management challenges and essential questions when making decisions. Irrational solutions. Interaction of rational and irrational systems.

• Motivation Principles for Employee Motivation. Motivation Theories – Which Fits Our Goals? Management goals and its practical application. Motivation Challenges. New approaches.

The essence and purpose of management

What value do managers create? Effective management “at home and outside” comfort zone

Special Programs

• Human Resource Management / HR Management;

• Public Relations / PR Management;

• Project management;

• Presentation skills;

Curriculum Outcomes:

  • Knows the essence of modern business, its features and challenges;
  • Evaluates economic events, processes and links to business;
  • Chooses the forms of communication with the internal and external environment of the organization;
  • Uses the organization’s resource management methods and tools;
  • Reveals motives for individual and team behavior and takes them into account when making decisions;
  • Develops the project and substantiates its feasibility through quantitative and / or qualitative research and communication of its results;
  • Distinguishes types of business strategies and discusses their planning, implementation and evaluation;
  • Uses modern technologies in the implementation of managerial functions;
  • Develops five components of managerial thinking: reflexive thinking, analytical thinking, global thinking, collaboration-oriented thinking, action-oriented thinking;
    Executes planning, organizing, leading and controlling while working in a team or independently and understands the principles of ethics and social responsibility in this process.
  • Acquisition of knowledge and understanding, application in practice, critical analysis, evaluation, conclusion, management skills, communication, which is mandatory for the candidate / certified manager.

The regulatory rule of the training course

The certificate confirms the professional knowledge of its holder in the field of management audit.


Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate.


The certificate is issued by the Education and Training Committee of the Association of Managers.


Only an auditor certified by the Association of Managers has the right to issue a management quality report.