Education and Training Committee

The mission of the Education Committee is to raise the level of professional training and education of managers, professional accountants and auditors who are members of the Association of Managers.

The purpose of the Committee’s activities is to facilitate the introduction, promotion and monitoring of compliance with the relevant vocational education practices required by the education standard adopted by the Association in the process of granting the status of Certified Manager.

In order to raise the professional level of the members of the Association, the Education Committee develops the methodology and education standards based on the international education standards adopted by the International Association and creates certification programs; Training-Methodological Center; Approves certification-training programs; Approves continuing education programs; Determines the duration of the certification-qualification course; Determines the time and place of the courses, duration; To achieve the functions defined by the law of the Association and the goals set by the Committee. The Vocational Education Committee of the Association carries out: defining the criteria of vocational education; Development, improvement and enforcement of professional certification regulations, monitoring; Development of professional certification programs; Developing continuing education programs and implementing, improving, and monitoring the implementation of these programs; As well as the development of the concept of post-vocational education; Determining the dates and place of certification exams; Setting up a certification examination commission; Establish a list of exam disciplines and issues. Discusses the principles of compliance with the requirements of the Code of Ethics in the certification process. To make decisions and take actions imposed on it by law and other provisions of the Association, to constantly improve and update the statutes of the Committee; As well as raising the quality and awareness of managers’s education; Development / strengthening of non-formal education; As well as training managers and promoting the application of the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

Chairman of the Committee