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The members of the association are the largest Georgian and foreign companies, as well as leading managers, who in cooperation with the association receive many opportunities and benefits.

Individual package A

Annual cost 300 GEL

Individual Package B includes:


• Attend association associations, forums and partnership events and offer topics
• Establish temporary working groups in the committees of the Association on a topic or issue of interest to you, discuss them and raise problematic issues publicly, including in state organizations or other associations.
• Nomination in various nominations of the Association: “Best Manager of the Year”; “TOP-100 Georgian Manager”; The best managers in various fields and more
• Offer assistance in case of job search or change in accordance with the bases and requirements of the Association of Managers


• Obtaining a certificate of membership in the Association of Managers
• List of official members of the Association of Managers, post information about your certificate on the website of the Association of Managers
• Facilitate contacts with other partners / managers of the Association


• Training on the basis of the Academy of Managers, attending advanced training courses and professional trainings (10-30% discount)


• Participate in the general meetings of the Association of Managers and raise important issues to be discussed
• Possibility to be elected President of the Association of Managers
• Ability to be elected to the board of the Association of Managers
• Participate in the activities of the Association of Managers and partner organizations


• Full information support for the activities of the Association of Managers, which includes information on important news and events in the field of management and business
• Posting information about you on the website of the Association of Managers (if desired)

Individual package B – advantages

You gain access to the basic services of the Association and the support of the Association on important financial, legal, legislative or other matters.

This in turn guarantees the protection and continuous development of your business, which is so important in the face of modern challenges.