Tamuna Chokheli

21 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software, tax operations and analytical findings. Is sociable, focused on details, has the ability to work in a stressful environment. In-depth experience helps him to make the best decisions.

From 1997 Tamuna worked as an accountant in an auditing company, in 2006-2007 he was the chief accountant of Petrol Office, in 2007-2009 he was the financial manager of CASPER computers, in 2009 he was the chief accountant of a distribution company, from the same year from 2011 he worked as a chief accountant. In Two Steps, in 2011-2012 he became the financial manager of a construction company, in 2012 he was the chief accountant of the medical center “Junona”. At the same time, he has been working for the Construction Inspection Body since 2009, where he is responsible for preparing all types of financial (profit-loss, balance, cashflow) and tax (VAT, income, profit and property declaration) reports for the founders and the tax.