Audit Quality Committee

The Audit Committee reports to the Board on the performance of its duties, including: • Reporting on significant issues that have been resolved in terms of financial reporting and the extent to which it has achieved results; • Evaluate the effectiveness of the external audit process and make a recommendation on the appointment or reappointment of external auditors, and report on any other issues on which the Supervisory Board requires the opinion of the Committee. In addition, the committee should identify the aspects that it deems specific to need action or improvement, whether it be aspects requested by the board or otherwise, and make recommendations on measures to be taken in this regard when there is disagreement between the audit committee and the board. To discuss these issues and resolve disagreements.

The Audit Committee also takes into account important issues of its own initiatives and does not rely solely on the work done by external auditors. The Audit Committee reviews what information and credentials are needed to properly perform its oversight and monitoring role, to provide the Board with credentials or recommendations, and to identify deficiencies and measures to address them. The Audit Committee should ensure that these assurance data and sources of information are adequate and objective.

Chairman of the Committee